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Based in Northern California, Hale Promotions is a trusted and experienced promotions company, with more than 16 years in the music industry, specializing in music radio promotions.


Our Promotional Campaigns include National FM Radio & Global Internet Radio Play, which both help increase revenue from digital sales, residuals & social media.  We can also help line up shows, radio interviews and major record label contacts.  Our clients songs are submitted to over 9,000 radio stations worldwide!


We pride ourselves on providing to our clients the very best customized campaigns, carefully designed to get the maximum radio airplay.


Our full service promotional campaigns involve being in constant contact with our network of radio programmers/ managers that has been developed over the years. This ensures that our client's songs are being heard by the right people at the station. These direct relationships help to promote and influence radio airplay, achieving best results in terms of maximum exposure for our client's music and themselves as artists.


Whether you are a major label artist, independent label artist or a completely new artist, we have the experience, knowledge and background to get your song heard. We will always be honest with you and only take on songs we feel are competitive for airplay and will benefit from our campaigns.

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