FM radio promotions

We provide you with the service and guidance to promote your music on FM Radio. Whether you are a major label artist, independent label artist or a completely new artist, we have the experience, knowledge and background to get your song heard.


Our full service FM Radio music promotional campaigns involve being in constant contact with the different radio programmers/ managers to ensure that your song is heard by the right people at the radio station with the prime aim to maximize airplay for your music.


We have direct relationships with the main FM stations and are able to taylor national/regional campaigns to best fit your song, to help achieve maximum exposure for your music and you as an artist.


Targeted promotional campaigns on FM radio can be a great cost effective way to get your music noticed with the potential of regional and national airplay without the added cost of burning and mailing 100's of CDs.


Our FM Radio campaigns focus on the following genres:  HIP HOP (Urban & Rhythmic), Top 40, Urban AC, Adult Contemporary. 

how it works


contact us

First step, contact us so we can discuss with you more details about our promotional campaigns. We will always be honest with you and only take on songs we feel are competitive for airplay, and will benefit from our campaigns.


submit music

If happy to proceed,  go to the Hale online shop to order the service required and pay using the secure paypal link. Then submit to us a clean MP3 version of your song together with artwork and any other materials discussed.


campaign created

We will provide you with the best game-plan to produce results by creating & delivering a fully customized promotional campaign for your song. This will include  sending out to all targeted stations an Electronic Press Kit (EPK)

song registered

We will also register your song with all the monitoring companies MEDIABASE/BDS & DIGITAL RADIO TRACKER (DRT) so every play is detected. We will send your song out weekly to all the targeted stations for your songs genre.


airplay reported

We will send you weekly reports every Monday from MEDIABASE, BDS & DRT with all the radio airplay information for your song, including the number of spins so you can see exactly when and where your song is playing.


campaign reviewed

Our FM Radio promotional campaigns run for a 3 month minimum, after which we will discuss and review with you the results to determine the next step for your song  including potentially extending the campaign.

the cool thing is, it actually works

book a service or call today to see if we can help.